Welcome to Coach Joshua Clauer's None in the Gap program.

There is a statewide problem that needs to be addressed. Underpriviledged kids and children in poverty are being left behind in staggering numbers, leaving kids to sucumb to violence and drugs before they even become teenagers.

Many people do not even realize this is going on in our communities and do not feel it directly effects them, it does! We often take for granted what we have and others dont and not realizing that it is a priveledge. One where extra curricular activities and a good education are just part of your life. But most underpriviledged kids never get the chance to play sports or become passionate about anything.

The None in the Gap program's purpose is to provide underpriviledged children opportunites to attend sports camps and other extracurricular activities that would be otherwise too expensive.

Every child deserves a chance in life. A chance to be passionate.
And a chance to excel.

You can support Coach Clauer many ways! You can donate, volunteer at a fund raising event, or participate!


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