Our youth mentors have been selected for their commitment to helping impovrished youth.  These people have a loving and dedicated heart for the betterment of our children.  They know that to make a difference among those in poverty you wmust start with the kids.

Coach Joshua Clauer

Coach Clauer is a criminal justice professional working specifically with gang intervention, a motivational speaker and a private kicking and punting instructor in Football.  

As a youth he excelled at kicking and punting footballs and throughout his career he has played football, been coached by and has coached some of the best high school, college and NFL specialist in the sport. Throughout his life he struggled with Aortic Valve Stenosis which limited his playing time on the field.  In 2010 Coach Clauer underwent Aortic Valve replacement surgery and all those limitations were lifted.

Utilizing his passion for the sport, his country boy work ethic and his ability to motivate Coach Clauer dedicated his time to brining awareness to social issues such as racial disparities, gang violence, lack of programming for under privaledged kids and education gaps.

Coach Clauer developed the None in the Gap program to serve kids who need it the most.  Developing their interests and giving them the chance to dream!  All youth working within the None in the Gap programs will have professional mentors monitoring their progress at home and in school so that the kids can grow mentally, athletically, spiritually and academically.

Aaron Perry - Youth Mentor

Aaron is an ex police officer turned gang interventionionist. Back in college he was a football player who went to the university of Iowa to play running back.

Now, among many things, Aaron is the DJ on WORT Radio 89.9 Tuesday Morning Buzz discussing many issues pertaining to the community. He is also the host and founder of the Soul Stroll in Madison which is a day in the park and a walk to bring awareness to health issues in the community.

His biggest daily dose of reality, though, is working with Kids in the detention center.  Being a mentor and friend to kids that are at high risk for joining gangs.  He sees on a daily basis how the underprivilaged youth face crippling odds, but he recognizes that through community and fellowship, any kid has the ability to survive and thrive.

Steve Varsos - Youth Mentor

Steve's spirit, his experience and his constant determination for kids and the battles he has conquered over and over again are exactly what None in the Gap represents...  Steve has worked with under-privileged youth in the Dane County Juvenile Justice system and area school districts for the past 29 years.

He was born and raised in Madison, WI and feels a strong commitment to ensuring all kids have the same opportunity to succeed in education and to explore and experience any recreational and cultural opportunities they have an interest in. In his spare time Steve is an avid fisherman and hunter.

"After 29 years of working with youth in Dane County there is nothing more satisfying than being approached by an adult whom you crossed paths with when they were a teenager and being told you helped make a positive difference in their life! "

Dr. Charles Allen 

Chief Flight Instructor Doctor Charles Allen worked side by side with the former Pastor Jerome Spencer from the New Beginnings Christian Church in Waukesha, Wisconsin for many years in a effort to assure that the wonderful project assisting at-risk youth by teaching them to fly in their Avaition Project.  Dr. Allen maintains the passion to help youth in honor of Pastor Jerome Spencer by providing mentoring and flight training experiences for impoverished youth. 

Coach Brisco - College Recruitment Mentor

Over the years Coach Clauer has got to know many knowledgeable and great football coaches at all levels of play but nothing has compared to Coach Brisco. Coach Brisco's passion for the sport of football has earned him many championship victories but there is more to coach Brisco than championships. He is a legend on Madisons Southside where he spent many years coaching the Southside Raiders in Penn Park. He has a old school grid iron phylosophy where hardwork meets dedication and knowledge. Coach Brisco will be holding one on one lessons, consulting, mentoring and assisting in the college recruitment process. 

Coach Haywood Simmons

Coach Simmons will be going the distance with Coach Clauer for the Challenge for Change. Simmons was born and raised in Macon, GA. He has a strong history with sports where he participated in two Championship teams with the Wisconsin Badgers, one of them being the historic 1993 Rose Bowl. After College, Coach Simmons signed as a Free Agent with Americas Team, The Dallas Cowboys and experienced being around some of the Great ones such as Troy Aikmman, Deion Sanders, Michael Irvin and Leon Lett.

After his release from the Cowboys, Coach Simmons enjoyed several more seasons with the sport he loved playing in the Semi Pro Ranks. Today, Haywood is enjoying life and has developed a health program Phitness Plus that has proven success. His high energy and passion for people is evident from the first time you meet him.

“The man I am is a result of the man I honestly want to be, I think.” Coach Wood

Coach Tony Smidle

Back when Tony was a senior in highschool he worked with Coach Clauer to improve his kicking game.  He went on to break numerous records at UW-Platville, becoming an All-American kicker and now plays semi-pro with the Rockcounty Rage.

He is passionate about mentoring kids to be the best they can be.  He will help Coach Clauer train kids and provide positive reinforcement on and off the field.